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Club Champs Update
Dear Guest, Thursday, 13 August, 2020

Club Champs Update

The shift to COVID Alert Level 2 has changed the playing field for everybody. At present under level 2 golf can continue, but pins are to be left in (the noodles are back in the hole) and bunker rakes are removed. I hope we are able to continue to play golf as a club competition for a few more weeks yet. If there is a shift to level 3, golf changes again and club competition will most likely cease.

The latest increase of alert level has also influenced peoples plans in combination with the increase in player numbers booking in on a Saturday. I have been made aware of several players who wish to play club champs but are unable to gain tee times. The option of playing early before the 10:00am start looks highly unlikely this weekend with a heavy -2-degree frost forecast for Friday night and the course being closed to 10:00am.

It is in view of these factors that I have made the decision to adjust the Men's Club Champs qualifying rounds to 2 rounds of 3.

The 3rd qualifying round will be the 29th of August which was proposed to be the first round of 16 match play. The 29th of August is the first round of a one tee start, and more players should be able to play over the day with earlier tees time being available and be able to qualify.

It will double as September’s monthly medal. The first round of match play will then move to the 6th of September and the draw will then return to what is in the programme.

As the bunker rakes have been removed this rule comes into play.

Bunkers: Modified local rule:

LOCAL RULE FOR BUNKERS – DUE TO COVID‐19: "When a player's ball lies in a bunker which has had the rake removed, the player may take free relief once by placing the original ball or another ball and playing it from this relief area: Reference Point: Spot of the original ball. Size of Relief Area Measured from Reference Point: One club‐length but with these limits: Must not be nearer the hole than the reference point and must remain in the bunker.


Doug Claridge

Club Captain

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