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Tee Booking for Saturday 5th of September.
Dear Guest, Thursday, 27 August, 2020

Tee Booking for Saturday 5th of September.

Tee bookings will open as per usual at 7:00am Friday 28th of August.

There will be a reduced number of tee bookings available due to the block booking of the first round of club championships.

The Intermediate, Junior A and Junior B grades will be playing the first round of the club championships. The first round due to having 16 qualifiers each grade requires 4 tee slots to play the first round. Consequently, there will be 12 time slots not able to be booked. The second round (8 players) is scheduled for the following weekend 12 September where 8 slots will be required.

I am aware that booking in on Friday morning can be a stressful time to get the time you and your playing group prefer to play.

Bookings on Friday for the 5th of September will be taken , however if you are unable to gain the slot you want, please book in where you can as the Pro shop will be re organizing players bookings once the results are collated and the first round draw is made.

Saturday competition golf tee times are now open to 2:00pm on a Saturday.

If you are confident of making the club championships first round in Intermediate, Junior A and Junior B then you may elect to not book into the 5th of September as you will be playing the first round.

The Match committee, Pro-shop and Board are acutely aware of the pressure on tee times on a Saturday. There may will be some changes to the booking system occurring to alleviate pressure on tee times. This Saturday there are 184 players booked in to play.

We have had strong growth in membership this year and with that brings problems that we have not experienced previously so please bear with us as we endeavor to get everybody a game.

Neville will be communicating with members further on this matter in the coming days.

Kind Regards

Doug Claridge

Club Captain HGC

Harewood Golf Club
(03) 359 8843
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