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Course Safety and Etiquette – a message from the GM
Member Update – from Club Captain Doug Claridge
Driving Range Renovation
Midweek Women update - from Robyn Campbell
Midweek Men Results - from Peter Larkin
Canterbury Golf Survey
New Heat Pumps
Senior Men’s Interclub 2021 – Player Registrations & Trials
New Greenkeepers Shed
Dear Guest, Friday, 23 April, 2021

Course Safety and Etiquette – a message from the GM

I have been disappointed this week to have to deal with several instances where players have been hit up on, and the sometimes heated discussions that can follow. I will come to the issue of slow play shortly but under no circumstances is it acceptable to play a shot until it is safe to do so. It is extremely distressing for all concerned when a player is struck by a ball and it can result in long-term physical and/or mental harm, and obviously permanent disability or death in the worst-case scenario. Is it really worth the risk for the sake of waiting another 30 seconds for the fairway or green to be completely clear? The answer is clearly no. We have all experienced the frustration of being behind a slower group but hitting up on them is not going to solve the problem. It is very important that slower groups that have lost a hole or more on the group in front make a real effort to either catch up quickly or let groups behind through. The fact that it is “your day” or “we are playing a match” is irrelevant – it is recognised course etiquette and simply good manners to be aware of the effect on other players that your or your groups slow play can have. The pro shop will be asking all non-members to also take more care in this regard. Please, let’s all make a conscious effort to play safely and quickly for the enjoyment of all.


Member Update – from Club Captain Doug Claridge

It’s another long weekend with ANZAC day Mondayized, and again the weather looks like it should be ok for golf.

Last weekend the it felt like autumn was here, with the fairways wet and heavy and very little run. The 8mm of rain that fell on Friday night / Saturday morning had an effect on the scoring on the weekend. Despite the reminder last weekend in respect to advising the Pro-Shop if you are not going to play there was a number of players who due to the inclement weather (one assumes) decided not to turn up. With a very full tee booking sheet this has an effect on timings and reducing the enjoyment of the Saturday golf playing in a 2 or a 3. In my opinion not cancelling your booking and not turning up is an insult and just plain ignorant. Please cancel your booking on a Saturday if you are not going to play.

The 4BBB best ball is now at semi-final stage with the 4 pairs decided on Saturday for the men’s and the ladies moving into semi-final stage. The Semi-final for the men is on the 8th of May and the 15th of May for the ladies. The final for both men’s and ladies is the 22nd of May. This week it is a stableford round off the blue tees for men and a par round for the ladies. Looking forward it is Monthly Medal off the white on the 1st of May and a FMS stableford for the ladies.

Winter is sneaking up on us. In another 6 weeks the 2-tee start will commence. The match committee is aware of the potential pressures with having a reduced number of tees available due to the 2 tees start (140 max). As members, please consider those who work all week and Saturday is the only competition day of golf available to them, especially if you are playing regularly mid-week. There will be change to how members enter competitions over the winter months. There will be an entry sign up board available 2-3 weeks prior to events (BCHP and club champs) to allow players who want to play these competitions to be guaranteed a tee slot if qualified. Club champs will have a similar entry sheet, and players will be required to nominate what 2 days they are going to qualify. Please consult the programme book for the rules for the 2021 club champs.


Multiple Stableford




Wood & Franks 77

Ott & O’Neill 56


Clarke & Wyatt 73

Herd & Pringle 51


Gold & Herd 72

McNichol & Deuart 47

Enjoy the long weekend and remember those who served and sacrificed in conflicts overseas – the reason why have ANZAC day.

Driving Range Renovation

Members are advised that the normal grass tee area will be re-opened on Tuesday April 27th after a 2-week full renovation.

Midweek Women update - from Robyn Campbell

Tuesday 20 April - Centennial Salver/Combined Stableford

Winners: Kay Gilray/Robyn Campbell 74 c/b

Runners-up: Lesley Hedges/Pam Hopkins 74

Third: Judith Blyth/Kirsty McAuliffe 72

Twos: Kay Gilray, Marie Bell

Nett Eagles: Kay Gilray

Midweek Men Results - from Peter Larkin

Monday 19 Apr. Irish Stableford White Tees.

Division 1:

Kevin Pritchard 77

Tomas Hruby 74

Charlie Su 72

Division 2:

Simon Hubble 79

Ray Polson 76 CB

Bruce Gillespie 76

Division 3:

John Gilmore 77

Allan McAuliffe 67

Alastair Christie 66

Thursday 22 Apr. Hidden Holes White Tees.

Division 1:

Kevin Pritchard 26

Kevin Stuart 25

Peter Larkin 24

Division 2:

Simon Hubble 28

John Yates 25

Ramiro Guerrero 23

Division 3:

Max Wright 24 CB

Bruce Robertson 24

John Gilmore 23

Canterbury Golf Survey

“Canterbury Golf is seeking feedback from golf club members and casual golfers and would appreciate it if you could take the time to send this short survey out to your members. Their feedback will help Canterbury Golf improve its service to golfers in the region.”

Click here to start the survey

New Heat Pumps

Following the breakdown of the 25 year old central heating system last year, we are pleased to see the new heat pumps installed over the past 2 days.

There are four 9kw pumps in the main clubhouse, one 9kw in the Summerset Room and one 6kw in the South meeting room.
Controls in the main clubhouse area will be kept behind the bar so please ask staff if you wish to alter the temperature.

Senior Men’s Interclub 2021 – Player Registrations & Trials

The Woodward, Blank & Simon Cup competitions are scheduled to get underway in early August. Player registrations of interest are now open so please register in the pro shop or email me –

Please note the two trial dates have changed. These are now - Sunday May 30th and Sunday June 6th, both from 10:00am. Those who register will be contacted prior to the trial dates.

New Greenkeepers Shed
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The boys are very happy to be housing their much-loved equipment in the new shed.
They are under strict instructions to keep it clean and tidy and regular checks by management will ensure no “clutter” makes it across from the current sheds :)
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